10:00 | The Knowledge Economy

This session will open the London Stand conference series at MIPIM and will take a big-picture look at London’s economy, discussing the extent to which the ‘knowledge economy’, with its focus on education, health and research, will be a key driver of the capital’s future economy.

10:30 | UK City Leaders Dialogue

World-class University’s and academic institutions are a major asset that is common to all of the UKs leading cities. Are we doing enough to leverage these unique selling points to drive investment and development in our cities as part of a joined-up Innovation Economy that harnesses the best young talent – and what role can London and London-based investors and property professionals play in supporting this approach?

11:00 | Innovative Financing

With the advent of Blockchain and the launch of a regulated stock exchange for Real Estate assets as well as other fintech innovators, how is the Real Estate funding landscape changing and what opportunities does this provide for investors, developers and asset owners? Is the policy framework adapting to these fast-moving changes in financing and is it doing enough to support a more dynamic investment and funding market?

11:30 | Areas / Projects Focus 1: Innovation Districts

This session will focus on specific innovation districts across London, considering the key issues around providing spaces for innovation.

12:00 | Digital Connectivity in Association with Cluttons

This session will examine the importance of digital connectivity. As our dependency on technology continues to grow and the digital infrastructure needed to support this constantly changes, are we investing enough to ensure London is future proof?

12:30 | International Dialogue: The Innovation Economy

On the eve of the UK’s new relationship with Europe and the rest of the world, how can London learn from other global cities in order to remain at the cutting edge on a global stage? Will the innovation economy be a main driver for growth in London and other cities?


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14:30 | Delving into the Data: The Office Market in Association with Radius / EG

Join Radius and EG as they reveal the data behind the office market, exploring current trends and offering insight into the future of our workplaces.

15:00 | Designed in London: Project Presentations

This session will feature presentations on commercial projects from across Europe and beyond, exploring the London-based skills and expertise that are helping to deliver these exemplar schemes.

15:30 | Design for Wellbeing

With wellbeing continuing to feature high on the agenda in the workplace, are we designing spaces that meet all of our wellness needs? Are issues of mental health and loneliness being addressed, and what role can design play here?

16:00 | Future Workplace: People Not Property

How is London’s commercial sector evolving to cater for the new ways people want to work? This session will focus on the rising demand for flexible working, discussing how can we create workplaces that encourage the right culture and enable workers to thrive.

16:30 | The City of London

17:00 | The London Reception

The session is the official ‘London Reception’ at MIPIM and will hear from some leading London voices about what lies ahead for the UK’s capital in terms of investment and development.



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10:00 | Public / Private Partnership

There has never been a greater need for successful Public Private Partnerships, so how can we champion best practice and make sure these partnerships benefit everyone? This session will focus on the importance of Public Private Partnership and question how we get collaboration right.

10:30 | Designed in London: Project Presentations

This session will feature presentations on recent and current mixed-use projects from across Europe and beyond, delving into the collaborative process from London-based teams who have helped shape these schemes.

11:00 | Areas / Projects Focus 2: Mixed-Use Development

This session will showcase exemplar mixed-used developments from across London, exploring the benefits that continued collaboration between councils, developers, designers, end-users and communities has in creating successful places.

11:30 | Mix Tenures, Maximise Value

What benefits can mixed tenure schemes bring to London? How can boroughs, developers and consultants work together to find the right mix and to make sure this approach maximizes the financial as well as the social value of these schemes? Is the current policy framework encouraging this approach?

12:00 | London: A Regional Economy

This session will look beyond the boundaries of London, focusing on the common goals London shares with the wider south east. How can we accommodate continued population growth in the region and what key infrastructure is needed to support this?

12:30 | International Dialogue: Posting the Olympic & Paralympic Games

As Paris and Tokyo prepare to host the Olympic & Paralympic Games, what can we learn from the success of the 2012 legacy? What more can London do to enhance the benefits of the Games?


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14:30 | Delving into the Data: Housing Delivery in Association with Radius / EG

Join Radius and EG as they reveal the data behind housing delivery, exploring current trends and questioning whether the housing targets in the new draft London Plan are deliverable.

15:00 | Good Growth – Delivering the Homes London Needs

This session will hear from London experts to discuss what Good Growth means for London and whether the right planning policies are in place for London to remain at the top of its game. Housing delivery continues to be a key focus for London, but how can we make sure we create the homes London needs, and not just meet housing targets? Can we champion quality while also prioritising affordability?

15:30 | The Way We Live

This session will discuss how the residential sector is adapting to the way we want to live, discussing how we can deliver housing that caters for the whole community. What role does intergenerational living and build to rent have to play in providing homes for the capital? What future trends are predicted for how different sections of London’s population want to live in our great city, and how can we build now for what Londoners want in five or ten years’ time?

16:00 | A Modular Mindset in Association with PCCW

This session will look at how far a ‘modular mindset’ can contribute to the housing targets London needs to deliver.

16:30 | Areas / Projects Focus 3: Residential

This session will focus on specific housing schemes from across London, discussing how they are creating the homes Londoners want and need.

17:00 | International Reception

This International Reception celebrates the Mayor’s ‘London is Open’ theme and will hear from property experts celebrating the continued importance of London’s global links.



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10:00 | London’s Towns and High Streets

With increasing competition from online retailers many of our town centres and high streets face new challenges. This session will discuss key initiatives that integrate flexibility into our suburban centres and allow them to adapt to changing behaviours.

10:30 | Supporting a Diverse Industry

Diversity has long been an issue throughout the industry, so what can we do to support the progress that is being made? How can we continue to push for a more diverse workforce and at the same time celebrate all the benefits diversity produces within a company?

11:00 | The Streets of the Future

This session will discuss the streets of the future, as London’s population growth continues to put pressure on our transport system, how can we diversify our transport infrastructure to ensure our streets are safer, healthier and more efficient for Londoners? What new initiatives are coming forward to support an improved network of streets across London?

11:30 | Area / Project Focus 4: Mixed-Use Development

This session will showcase exemplar mixed-used developments from across London, considering the importance of having a rich mix within every neighbourhood.

12:00 | Designed in London Project Presentations 2

This session will feature presentations on recent and current projects from across Europe and beyond, showcasing schemes completed by a diverse London-based team.

12:30 | Debate: Appropriate Density, Appropriate Places (Around Model)

Following on from the recently launched findings of NLA’s annual tall buildings survey, this session will question what appropriate densification looks like across the capital, debating the role tall buildings should play in the future of London.


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Creative Energy

15:00 | Cultural Infrastructure

As 2019 marks the first year of the London Borough of Culture for Waltham Forest, how is culture led-development shaping London’s future? What are the key opportunities for integrating culture into developments and regeneration?

15:30 | Areas / Projects Focus 5: Creative Hubs

This session will focus on specific projects from across London that are encouraging and supporting the creative energy of the capital.

16:00 | Paul Finch’s Canned Laughter

16:30 | Session TBC

17:00 | London / Manchester Closing Reception (Manchester Stand)